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How has AI changed the way you build and deliver digital experiences? Find out how to adopt scalable AI strategies and build teams that know how to use and measure its impact.

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AI is the biggest shift in web development since DevOps, headless, and composability.

But when it comes to its value and implementation, everyone has a different perspective.

  • Keynote

    Unpopular opinion? AI’s impact on web development

    AI can be a polarizing concept. But the future of web development looks bright with AI aiding never-before-seen efficiency and productivity for developers. Join Matt Biilmann for a discussion about how AI will ultimately:

    • Provide developers more time to spend on high-impact projects
    • Enable creativity and opportunity for personalization
    • Increase developer demand
    • Change UI as we know it
    • And more
  • What's it take to build a future-proof web dev team?

    Building a technology stack prepared for the future of web development is one thing, but building a team of developers and engineers to embrace it is another. Learn how AI and composable architecture enable teams to adopt modern technologies and retain top talent who wants to grow with it.

  • Why embracing AI is key to advancing workplace productivity

    The use cases for generative AI are seemingly limitless. From using AI to generate ideas to powering teams with automation, there are so many ways to extend the value of AI in your organization. Learn how cross-functional teams are powering their workflows with generative AI.

  • How composability de-risks AI tools and other cutting-edge technologies

    Integrating new technologies and services into a rigid tech stack can be a massive undertaking. This effort is only compounded by the stress of implementing a new technology that might not even be the best fit for your business. Learn how composability affords organizations the opportunity to try new technologies without the risk of managing a massive, singular code base.

  • Netlify’s AI roadmap for The Composable Web Platform

    It’s one thing to believe AI provides value and is here to stay. It’s another to put it to work. Learn how Netlify is integrating AI features into its platform and what’s next. Hint: It’s not just another version of Copilot.

  • How will human and AI developers work together?

    We already know that AI tools are helping developers code more efficiently and with fewer errors. But what does the world look like when human developers can partner with fully realized AI software engineers? Join Scott Wu, CEO of Cognition AI and one of the innovative minds behind Devin—the first AI software engineer—as he unpacks with Mathias Biilmann, CEO and Co-founder of Netlify:

    • The inspiration behind Devin
    • How AI and human developers will work together to build web applications
    • Examples of how Devin has already improved the web development process

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