Partner Add-ons

This feature is in ALPHA.

At Netlify, we’re building an add-on marketplace to make it easier to connect third-party APIs and other microservices to your JAMstack projects on Netlify. The feature is currently in the alpha stage, allowing customers to try new add-ons while partners test our add-ons API.

Working with add-ons

In the alpha stage, working with partner add-ons requires the Netlify CLI. Refer to the docs for installing Netlify CLI, logging in, and linking local project directories with sites on Netlify.

Installing an add-on

To install an add-on, run the following Netlify CLI command at the base of the local project directory linked to your Netlify site:

netlify addons:create <name>

Replace <name> with the name of the add-on service you want to install, listed as the Installation name in the Add-on providers section below. If the add-on requires additional parameters for setup, you will be prompted for them during installation.

Add-on providers

Netlify is working with the following selected partners to provide add-ons during alpha development. We will add more as development continues.

FaunaDB Cloud

Relational NoSQL Database as a Service for your JAMstack projects.

Very Good Security

This add-on provides data security for your forms that ensures no sensitive data ever touches Netlify servers. Inherit instant Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and protect personally identifiable information (PII). Remove much of your data liability while drastically reducing your risk exposure and compliance responsibility.

Your awesome service

If you have a service you would like to offer as a Netlify add-on, we encourage you to review the API documentation and contact for more information.

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