Netlify Research Program

You know the feeling — when you log back in and nothing is where you left it. When a shortcut you rely on no longer works. When you’ve invented ways to patch holes in a tool’s current offerings.

Netlify’s Research team is here to advocate for you as our product continues to grow. We might ask you to tell us your favorite thing about your job, what you do first when one of your sites is on fire, or why you clicked on that a second ago. We share what we’ve learned with our product and design teammates, so they keep your needs in mind when they make decisions big and small.

Sound interesting? We’d love for you to join our research program!

Become a research participant

Quick facts

What does the Research Team do?

We help our product managers, designers, and front-end developers learn about the people using our product. We’re a curious bunch and we definitely want to talk with you.

We have lots of assumptions about what you like, dislike, and want from us in the future — but the best way to verify those ideas is to speak directly with you! We might ask you questions the whole time, or watch you complete a few tasks to help us get a sense of how you use and think about Netlify. In all cases, we’re testing the product and not you. You don’t need to have any familiarity with the research methods: it’s our job to guide you through the session.

What’s in it for me?

Glad you asked! Your time is valuable, and we appreciate you spending some of it on helping us improve Netlify. Every study will bring opportunities to receive a gift card or Netlify swag of your choosing. The specifics of each giveaway will be included in your invitation to the study. We’ll also share what we learned with product team members, and advocate for solutions based on what you tell us. Your insights can lead directly to product decisions, which we think is pretty cool.

Fill out your research profile


How do I sign up?

You’ll start by filling out your research profile with a few details about yourself and how you use Netlify. This ensures that we can send you relevant studies.

What happens after that?

You’re all set! When we kick off a study, we’re usually looking for specific roles or familiarity with certain features. We’ll send out a short screening survey to make sure that we’re speaking to the right people for that study’s goals. If you “qualify” through the screening survey, we’ll send an invitation to schedule with one of our researchers at your convenience. Participation is elective every time.

What equipment do I need in order to participate?

A computer, good internet connection, a webcam, and the world’s your oyster.

Do I need to have any particular expertise to sign up?

Nope! We want people of all experience levels and roles to sign up. Individual studies may call for specifically new Netlify users, or expert-level ones, so we want the whole spectrum in our research program.

Do I need to be a Netlify user to join?

No! We often conduct studies with people who don’t use Netlify (yet! 😉)

I’m under 18. Can I participate?

Unfortunately, no. We don’t currently conduct research with minors.

How frequently will you be emailing me?

Once every two weeks is the absolute maximum you might hear from us. It’s more likely that you’ll receive an invite every couple of months.

What will you do with my contact information and any other data you collect?

Your contact information will be kept in a separate list curated by the research team. We won’t share it or opt you in to any other communications from Netlify. Anything you share with us during research sessions will be synthesized and shared within the company for educational purposes. When possible, we’ll share findings with the community too, but individual responses will only be shared anonymously or in aggregate. Read our full GDPR/CCPA guidelines.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe by clicking the link in any research email you receive. Or, email us directly at and ask to be taken off the list. At that point your email will be listed as unsubscribed and you will not receive further communication.