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Netlify builds, deploys, and hosts your front end.

Password Protecting Sites

This feature is available on our Paid plans.

If you’re using netlify for staging sites or deploying mockups that you want to share with customers, netlify’s built-in password protection can come in handy.

Go to the settings screen for your site and click “Edit” next to the “Privacy” setting. Then enter your password of choice.

If you need multiple passwords for a site, or need to protect just part of your site, you can setup Basic-Auth via netlify’s custom HTTP header support.

Authenticating with 3rd party providers

If you’re using netlify to host materials for your intranet, like sales manuals for your global sales team, private developer documentation, HR guides and similar sensitive material, you might want fine-grained access control based on 3rd party authentication providers like Stormpath or your own authentication API.

We can work with you to make this possible and integrated directly with our CDN servers, to let you control fine grained access controls for individual users with all the performance of a CDN hosted static website.

Please get in touch for more information about authentication on enterprise plans.

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