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Netlify builds, deploys, and hosts your front end.

Locked deploys give you the ability of pinning a site to the latest published deploy for the time being. New deploys won’t be published to the main site, although Netlify will still build them and they will be ready for whenever you want to publish them.

How to lock a published deploy

You can access this feature in your sites’ deploys listing. The latest published deploy has a button to lock the site to that specific deploy.

How to unlock a locked deploy

After a deploy has been locked, you can unlock if from the same deploys listing. You can also unlock a deploy by publishing a specific deploy that appears as ready in that listing.

Event notifications

You can get notifications about locked deploys via Email, an external webhook or Slack. Netlify will notify you when a deploy is either locked or unlocked.

You can configure these notifications from the notifications section in your site’s dashboard. Read more about notifications the outgoing webhooks and notifications guide.

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