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About Fauna

Fauna is a flexible, developer-friendly, transactional database delivered as a secure and scalable cloud API with native GraphQL. Easy to use and quick to get started with, Fauna allows you to start for free, and pay as you grow. 

Fauna integrates seamlessly with apps built and hosted on Netlify. This enables you to build fast, responsive web experiences never before possible. No database operations necessary! Because Fauna is a web-native API, applications can access Fauna directly from the browser, mobile clients and Netlify functions via popular Javascript frameworks and programming environments. 

Fauna eliminates operational complexity traditionally associated with databases. With Fauna, you never again have to worry about database complexity such as provisioning, scaling, sharding, replication, or data correctness. 

Fauna and Netlify

Fauna is the easiest and most scalable approach for Jamstack developers to add a full-featured transactional datastore to their apps. 

Fullstack Jamstack requires a secure data layer accessible directly from the browser. Traditional databases were designed to sit behind an app server and do not fit into the Jamstack development workflow. They require ORMs or middleware for use and their connection model introduces scalability limits into your app. 

Fauna’s API-first approach solves these problems by enabling developers to build data-rich fullstack applications without introducing complexity and scalability limits. Together, Fauna and Netlify help developers to simplify code, reduce costs and ship faster.

Use cases

  • Serverless Data API for Fullstack Jamstack

    Combining Netlify with Fauna enables developers to build blazing fast multi-tenant SaaS and mobile apps while minimizing complexity and operational overheads. Fauna’s innovative data model and querying capabilities with support for GraphQL and business logic make it productive to use for any database needs. Common use cases include commercial SaaS applications, custom CRMs, events and digital campaign platforms, decentralized apps, and projects involving modernization of digital experiences.