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Improved workflow and new role for pricing changes

News & Announcements

Improved workflow and new role for pricing changes

We want to start by saying thank you.

You are part of a community of over 2.5 million developers building some of the best experiences on the web using Netlify—from mission-critical SaaS apps to global ecommerce stores and corporate brand sites.

During Netlify’s seven year history, the platform has changed. A lot. Not only to deliver scale and performance for more and more ambitious web apps, but also to drive productivity gains for teams using Netlify with features like collaborative Deploy Previews, integrated Serverless Functions, a GraphQL API layer and hundreds of integrations.

This evolution of the platform has meant adjusting our pricing and packaging along the way.

Two weeks ago we introduced a set of changes to our plans, which increased build minutes by up to 35× and bandwidth by 2.5× on Pro and Business plans. At the same time, we limited who can trigger builds to just Owners or Collaborators on an account and required teams with more than 7 members to upgrade to one of our Enterprise plans.

However, you may have noticed that we paused the change related to triggering builds.

We did this because we realized the teams directly affected by the changes needed more time to prepare. It also became clear that the build approval and invite flow we introduced as part of these changes could be improved. We apologize to those who experienced any disruption.

A core promise of Netlify is to remove friction from your developer experience.

What to expect soon

  1. A new “Git Contributor” role: A new member role of “Git Contributor” is a paid member and can trigger builds to your sites but won’t provide a Netlify login to access the Netlify UI and your Netlify workspace. Your team will be charged for Git Contributors the same amount as you are charged for other billed members, like Owners and Collaborators—they’re simply billed as additional members. We’ve made the system smart enough to allow GitHub marketplace bots to build without the need for a paid member. This new role allows you tight control over who can trigger builds, without requiring you to invite all active developers as full team members with UI access.

  2. Auto-approving Git Contributors: You’ll be able to opt into having new Git Contributors automatically approved to join your team—so that they join as soon as they first trigger a build. No friction. We’ll automatically remove them if they’re not active within a billing cycle so you’re only charged for active Git Contributors in any given month. If you'd prefer to manually approve each Git Contributor, you'll have the option to disable automatic team membership. This will require your approval before each contributor’s builds can deploy. Your team will have automatic approvals turned off by default.

  3. Accounts on Pro or Business plans with 7 or more members:

    • Customers: To best handle your production web projects, we are now requiring that you move to an Enterprise plan if you have 7 or more members. Please fill out this form to connect with our sales team and learn more about the productivity and performance benefits of moving to one of our Enterprise plans. Note that users with the Reviewer role do not count against this total.
    • Open Source customers: You are exempt from this change. There are no changes related to the number of team members on the Open Source plan or for contributors to public open source repositories.
    • Early-stage startups: You may qualify for an exception. Contact us to learn more and speak with someone from our sales team about your options.
    • Agencies: We’ve seen amazing growth of agencies leveraging Netlify to support a wide range of clients. We know that agencies often have unique requirements. In order to support your goals, we want to partner with you to help you select the right plan for your clients. Please email our Agency team - we would love to discuss a mutually beneficial business!

Also remember, if you want to remove users from your account so that you aren’t subject to this limit, here are instructions to manage team members.

The improved experiences for these changes will go live on June 13, 2022. We’ll make sure to remind you again right before this happens.

Thank you for choosing Netlify and being part of our journey. We will continue to do everything we can to earn your trust and your business.

If you continue to have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team here.

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