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Serverless GraphQL Layer for Any Data Source

About StepZen

StepZen enables developers to easily connect any REST, GraphQL, SQL, and NoSQL databases, or any backend. Our configuration-driven approach, including a set of custom GraphQL directives (e.g. @dbquery, @graphql, and @rest ) means that you have no resolvers to write, no data connections to code, and no GraphQL servers to build, eliminating 1000s of lines of complex code and logic. We host and manage the service, secure the API and data sources, allowing development teams to focus on their data and your applications, leaving backend complexity and infrastructure to us.

Modern apps require large amounts of data that is often complex and not easily accessible or programmable. StepZen easily connects with REST, GraphQL, databases, or any backend to accelerate application development and without having to manage the infrastructure.

StepZen and Netlify

StepZen enables you to quickly build a GraphQL API that unifies data from multiple sources into a single endpoint. Using the StepZen Netlify build plugin, the deployment of your endpoint is simple and seamless and happens within your Netlify build. You can build your site using your site editor tool of choice, and then get the data via queries to your unified GraphQL endpoint running on StepZen.

Building and deploying data-rich and dynamic applications at lightning speed just got easier! With just one endpoint to query, and the ability to deploy on Netlify, it's easy to build and deploy your Netlify frontend and your StepZen backend from the same code base. Because the build plugin runs prior to your Netlify build, updated data from your StepZen GraphQL API is available to your site at build time. 

Use cases

  • Easily connect to any database

    StepZen makes it easy to build a GraphQL endpoint that connects to SQL or NoSQL databases. Front-end teams can query the unified endpoint for data shaped in the business terms they want (like customers, orders, and delivery status). StepZen abstracts away the complexity of backend database languages, constructs, and implementations.

  • Easily connect to any REST API

    GraphQL-enable any REST API in just minutes. Whether apps are powered by one or 100s of REST APIs, a unified GraphQL endpoint managed by StepZen eliminates 1000s of lines of code and complex logic and avoids hassle for the developer when REST APIs change.

  • Scale and secure your API deployments

    StepZen ensures your service is always on. Your API (GraphQL) runs in StepZen deployed containers and StepZen handles protocol translations, key management, error handling, and caching. StepZen encrypts your keys and lets you set fine-grained access control to ensure your keys and queries are secure.

  • Spin up a GraphQL API with out-of-the-box connectors

    By using StepZen connectors, you can spin up a GraphQL API in minutes and then easily combine, customize, and extend to combine data from multiple backends. Our growing ecosystem of connectors supports popular eCommerce, Jamstack, and personalization use cases such as tracking orders, shipping, reviews, content management, location, and weather. They include Shopify, FedEx, UPS, Airtable, Cloudinary, IP-API, Holiday API, and OpenWeatherMap.