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Netlify Build Plugin of the Week: StepZen

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Netlify Build Plugin of the Week: StepZen

Welcome to our series highlighting Netlify Build Plugins! This week, we’re featuring the StepZen plugin. StepZen enables you to quickly build a GraphQL API that unifies data from multiple sources into a single endpoint. With only one endpoint to query, building dynamic applications on the Jamstack becomes even easier.

The data you need to power your web apps and sites comes from more than one place, and often takes multiple shapes and sizes. For example, if you have an eCommerce site, you might need to integrate and assemble data from systems like Shopify, your CMS, various databases, and shipping services like UPS and FedEx. Even if you have a simpler sites like a blog, you need to assemble data from GitHub, WordPress, Cloudinary, and so on. StepZen unifies that data--whether it's from REST, various databases, or other backends--into a single endpoint or GraphQL API. Linked types in the GraphQL schema make it easy to access the data from multiple backends in a single query. In other words, with a single query, you can ask for exactly the data you need, unlock the data in any backend, and deliver experiences faster than ever.

Using the StepZen Netlify build plugin, the deployment of that endpoint is simple and seamless, and happens within your Netlify build. You can build your site using your site editor tool (like Hugo or Gatsby), and then get the data via queries to your unified GraphQL endpoint running on StepZen.

Netlify Build Plugin: StepZen

Plugin: StepZen

Deploy a unified GraphQL endpoint in your Netlify Builds via StepZen

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