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Our Values


From the beginning, we talked about Netlify’s behaviors and values as follows:

Our two governing notions of clear distinctions of responsibilities and the best idea can come from anywhere are grounded in our values - Transparency, Empowerment and Commitment.

These values lived in our “5 behaviors” that vulnerability-based trust allows us to mine for conflict to make sure we achieve commitment. This allows for accountability, so we can be results-focused in the way we need to be when building a business to make true impact.

In essence, we do believe this describes the organization we want to be.

However, it’s a lot. Governing notions, values, and behavioral frameworks all sort of meshed together. And we also discovered that a minority in the company was even aware of all of them.

So while they hold true, we wanted to update our values - to write the above together into a set of simple, empowering statements.

For these values to be meaningful, we quickly learned two things - they need to be operationalized and simply can’t be aspirational. We need to exemplify them and continuously point to them through the organization.

A Culture is What You Do.

We started by examining and understanding our DNA.

The below is where we ended up, and we’re very excited to share this with you. Please bear in mind that this is a living, breathing document. And it’s only worth its digital ink if we use this to guide us, as we move forward on our incredible journey.

Our Values


  • Simple Solutions to Complex Problems for Our Customers and Partners
  • We look to make things simpler vs. complicated when it comes to planning, engaging, and delivering results with our customers and partners.

Weigh In, Then Buy In

  • The Best Idea Can Come from Anywhere - Be Curious, Be Open, Mine for Healthy Conflict, and Commit Once a Decision is Made
  • Curious and open-minded vs. pushing an agenda. Ask tough questions yet are willing to be asked and answer similar questions. We are data-driven, and we commit to moving forward as a team.

Own It, Ship It

  • Take Initiative, Be Accountable, Be Resourceful, Bias Toward Shipping and Iterating, Admit Mistakes, Don't Quit, Impact Over Output
  • We seize the opportunity in front of us. We take chances as we are creating a new market. We take ownership and responsibility of our work vs. blame or deflect to others. We admit mistakes, ask for help, apologize, and be open and honest when we don't know something. We don't quit and are relentlessly resourceful. We choose impact and prioritize success.

Care Deeply, and Have Fun

  • Passionate About Impact, Resilient, Inspired by Challenges and Problems to Solve, We Are Entrepreneurs at Heart, We Lead with Kindness and Humor
  • We are passionate about the work we do and the impact we have. We are also passionate about our customers and partners both internal and external to Netlify. We understand there are bad moments, not bad days. We contribute with levity and fun and lift the spirits of others around us.

Diversity = Intelligence

  • Emotionally Intelligent, Inclusive, Building a Better, Kinder, and Smarter World
  • We foster and build an inclusive and diverse culture, which makes us stronger and smarter. Diversity will allow us to deliver the best product and services to our developers, customers, and partners globally. We continually strive to be more emotionally intelligent. We will hire as an organization consistently improving the diversity of our teams to be representative of the world.