Decoding Developer Data: Analyzing the 2023 Web Developer Report

Join Akia, Director of Data & Insights, Sterling, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Matt, Principal Software Engineer, from Netlify for a deep dive into the findings from the 2023 Web Developer Report.

In this webinar, Akia and Sterling will walk through the methodologies and analysis techniques used in the survey, while Matt will lend his perspective as a developer on the ground to provide key insights from a developer perspective.

Together, they will uncover the top web technologies developers plan to leverage in their work for 2024 and why Astro is experiencing runaway growth in adoption.

They will also answer your questions on how survey questions were strategically designed, the approach to both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data, what trending technologies to consider in 2024 as a developer, and how developers can integrate AI into your workflow.

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