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Our Fifth Newsletter

News & Announcements

Our Fifth Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re having a great week.

We’re super stoked to present brand new plans and prices!

Up until now our continuous deployment services have been available as a separate service.

But CD is an integral part of what Netlify is. Just as much as our speed, multilayered CDN and instant cache invalidation is. As such it doesn’t make a lot of sense to separate it into it’s own service.

So with the free plan you now get 50 builds / site, and of course many more with paid plans.

We also integrated the different support plans into the main packages.

So instead of having 3x3 plans, we now have just 4 plans in total.

We will be back next week, with big CDN news. We promise.

Till then, keep smiling and have an awesome day.

/Chris & Matt

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