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Star Wars Gone Static

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Star Wars Gone Static

No spoilers contained. Really. We haven’t even seen it yet

Sooo 4 billion (with a b) dollars seems like a steal these days. At least judging from the hype this first Disney instalment is getting.

The Netlify servers are seeing plenty of disturbance in the force too!

We thought we’d celebrate this 7th coming with a quick look at what’s happening on Netlify in terms of STAR WARS.

We picked out 3 sites that are all made with modern static build tools and all hosted with yours truly. And of course, most importantly, are part of a Universe where they have lightsabers which really are reason enough to forcefully try and daydream ourselves up and and away from this World in to a galaxy far far away.



To start it off let’s have a look at Wikia’s Star Wars page.

Wikia has grown hugely in the last years, and the total number of requests coming in every month is almost 4 billion. (coincidence we ask??? ..well yeah but..)

This is definitely one of the better Star Wars fan pages out there, nicely made, with a lively hash tagged livestreamed convo, interviews, games, trivia and the tidbits of information that true fans live to find.

Check out



New York based Carrot agency is amongst the most recognised digital agencies in the World. They build the static site generator Roots that’s used to power all kinds of cool sites including and the Malalafoundation and of course their own site And this is where we find the 2nd of today’s StarWars sites.

Carrot’s Creative Director achieved at least a demi-god status by renting an entire movie theater in Manhattan for an early screening. You read it right. And you might even have been invited!

This special site called for brands and potential employees to write in and state exactly why they should be invited along in the theater.

To top it off, apparently all Carrot employees are expected to see the original trilogy. How can you not get behind that!?

Check it out here


Sphero (aka BB-8)

Last of we have a company that has a great tip for getting initial traction. Have your prototype droid be picked up by the biggest movie franchise in the World and have them give it a prominent role in the film and marketing of the film.

BB-8 is one of the coolest bots we’ve ever seen and without giving away trade secrets we can reveal that their sites are getting plenty of traffic these days :)

Get your own fully operational Star Wars droid here.

All for now,

~May the Force be with You~

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