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Shiny Slack notifications from Netlify

News & Announcements

Shiny Slack notifications from Netlify

Did you know that you can get notifications in Slack every time you deploy a site on Netlify?

The messages were a bit sparse in content and format, so we decided to invest some time playing with learning about Slack’s awesome message builder. The new messages include information about the deployed site, as well as links to the production url, build log and when we sent the message.

There are three types of messages you can get for deployed sites on Netlify. When we start building your site, when a deploy is complete, and when something goes wrong:

You can also get form submission notifications in Slack if you use Netlify forms. We separate each field in the form so the message arrives to you loud and clear:

Configuring Slack notifications on Netlify is very straight forward, check out our documentation to learn how to enable them for your deploys and forms!

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