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Feeling Helpful?

Hi! I’m Chris and I lead the Support team at Netlify.

Our goal is that our software is usable in seconds, without any difficulties, and without you even needing to read the documentation. The reality of the world is that there are corner cases, our documentation is missing pieces, and our software doesn’t always work perfectly. While we are always working hard on improving our services, there is a gap between “what would be perfect” and “what exists now,” and my team is the one that smooths over the gap between them.

As Netlify grows, more folks use our service. This is awesome, but everything, from those rough spots up to new and unexpected use cases for our service, grow along with us, and so we’re looking for another support engineer to join the team! Could you be the one?

Let’s talk a little bit about how we work:

  1. We work together. The whole team, from designers to marketers to developers to the operations team, helps out with Support. This isn’t an “us vs them”, situation — we are a team with shared goals and we work together to make sure that our service works well for our customers.
  2. We work hard. This doesn’t mean we work long hours — we believe in a work week that doesn’t lead to burnout. This means we work thorough — solve a problem for a customer, update the docs to solve it for the next customer, provide feedback to the design team about how the UI was non-intuitive, and provide input to the development team as they implement new features and fix bugs.
  3. We tell the truth. This one may seem a bit odd, but it is in my experience one of the pillars of job satisfaction: we own our mistakes, and can be honest about what our product does and doesn’t do. It’s empowering to be able to explain what really happened, and to be able to tell people that our product may not solve their problem.

Do you live on the East Coast of the US, have some proficiency with networking and frontend development, and have strong written communication skills? Perhaps you’d like to join the team!

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