Introducing Audit Log

Bret Comnes posted this on July 27, 2017

Last month we launched Teams which provides our customers a way to collaborate and manage their sites more efficiently.

Today we are introducing a new feature within Teams: Audit Log.

The Audit Log feature will be available for our Business customers and above. Similar to our deploy list, Audit Log provides transparency into the different actions taken by team members on various team and site settings.

For now we are tracking the following team action categories:

  • Team setting changes
  • Site setting changes
  • Split testing changes

Audit logs are fully searchable and provide an overview and historical log into nearly every action that can be taken by your team members. We already track around 30 different actions that can be performed on teams and sites, and will be adding more as we add and expand.

Feel free to read the Audit Log docs and give Audit Log a shot 🙂.

Let us know what you think @netlify.

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