Ep. #19, Elm: A Well Built Compile to JavaScript Language Featuring Richard Feldman & Brooke Angel & /

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Brian Douglas posted this on August 24, 2017

In this episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Richard Feldman and Brooke Angel from NoRedInk.

They delve into Elm, a functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript. Richard explains that unlike Babble and TypeScript, Elm has completely separate semantics from JavaScript enabling them to innovate on language design. They also examine Elm use cases and limitations.

Brian Douglas is a Developer & Advocate at Netlify.

Richard Feldman is Director of Engineering at NoRedInk. Richard is experienced in IT project leadership, software architecture, web app development & UX design. Before that, he co-founded Stellar Systems and worked as Data Visualization Developer at Monsanto.

Brooke Angel is Software Engineer at NoRedInk. Prior to that, she worked as Senior Teaching Assistant at App Academy.

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