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Netlify CMS and the Road to 1.0

News & Announcements

Netlify CMS and the Road to 1.0

It’s been exciting to see our open source project Netlify CMS grow from just a few developers to a project with just under 3,000 stars on GitHub and over 45 contributors.

We still have still a long road ahead and we look forward to sharing what our Road to 1.0 looks like—success, mishaps and all.

We’d like to invite you to join us!

Check out our bi-weekly planning sessions to see our progress throughout the road to 1.0. Or jump in on Gitter and get to know the Netlify CMS maintainers and ask any questions you may have.

What is Netlify CMS?

Netlify CMS is a Content Management System for static sites, allowing collaborators to create, edit, review, and publish content without writing code or dealing with version control. It brings the ease of WordPress-style editing to the simplicity and speed of static sites.

At its core, Netlify CMS is an open-source React app that acts as a wrapper for the Git workflow, using the GitHub API.

Learn more in the docs →

The Road to 1.0

We’ve set the 1.0 release for early December and there’s a lot of work to be done!

We’ve built a milestone for 1.0 and have adopted two week sprints on a project board to make the workflow clearer and easier for contributors to follow.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 8.49.17 AM.png

A few of the product details we want to make sure are being touched in 1.0:

  • Media UI Library (see issue #350)
  • Various design improvements (see issues #490, #179, & #180)
  • Documentation improvements (see issue #598)

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 8.54.35 AM.png

and many, many more …

See Road to 1.0 issues →


An open source project would be nothing without amazing contributors. We appreciate you all so immensely and look forward to adding more faces to this group.

We recently started using Kent C. Dodds’s All Contributors project to represent all contributors, not just the ones who push code. If you’ve made a contribution—written a tutorial, shared an example site, or done any of these activities that help the users and developers of Netlify CMS—submit a pull request to add yourself to the list!

Get Involved with Netlify CMS

GitHub "help wanted" tag

As mentioned previously we have bi-weekly planning sessions for the community to understand what’s being worked on, for contributors to talk about what they’ve accomplished or need help with, and to assess what our next sprint planning will look like.

Take a look at our wiki to see what’s been covered in our previous development planning sessions or join us on Gitter to chat!

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