Ep. #20, Spike: A Full Featured Static Website Generator Featuring Jeff Escalante & /

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Brian Douglas posted this on October 4, 2017

Staticgen is a great place to check out what is happening and moving in the static site generation space. One of the new up and comers is Spike, a next-generation static site generator. It is built on top of webpack, and has a foundation of html, css, and js parsers that accept plugins to transform the output. It’s fast, actively developed, and very data-friendly.

In this installment of JAMstack Radio, Jeff Escalante explains how Spike was designed to be both flexible while avoiding heavy configuration out of the box. Jeff also talks about the different factors that prompted the transition from Roots to Spike such as the complexity of the core code base that made it difficult for contributors to build plugins.

Brian Douglas is a Developer & Advocate at Netlify.

Jeff Escalante is Lead Environment Developer at Carrot Creative. Jeff works full time on open source node.js projects for Carrot. Jeff also teaches part time at Thinkful and is active on AirPair helping people out with front-end and node.

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