Ep. #21, Why GitLab chose VueJS Featuring Jacob Schatz & /

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Brian Douglas posted this on October 24, 2017

Vue.js is a fast, performant, and approachable JavaScript framework that seems to have caught the eye of a lot of individuals in the JavaScript community.

In the latest episode of JAMstack Radio, I chat with Jacob Schatz and Ben Mischenko (NetlifyCMS contributor). Jacob explains how he went about deciding on a JavaScript framework for GitLab and what drew him to Vue.js. He recalls his first project for evaluating Vue’s scalability and shares his thoughts on Vue’s strengths and limitations.

Brian Douglas is a Developer & Advocate at Netlify.

Jacob Schatz is a Lead Frontend Engineer at GitLab. Jacob was actively involved in deciding on which frontend framework to use at GitLab. Prior to GitLab, Jacob worked as CTO and Lead Programmer at MyCaseBuilder and Senior Javascript Developer at Mobiquity.

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