An easier way to manage domains and DNS on Netlify

Rafael Conde posted this on December 19, 2017

Today we shipped DNS Zones, a new way for you add whole DNS zones and manage DNS records. We’ve also redesigned the Custom Domains card to make it easier for you to get information about the domains associated with your site.

Introducing DNS Zones

There’s now a section called DNS Zones in the Netlify app that makes it easier to manage your DNS configuration for multiple sites in the same domain.

A DNS zone contains all the DNS records for a domain. To see all of your DNS zones on Netlify, navigate to your Account/Team root page, and click DNS zones.

The new DNS Zone Panel

DNS Records

A redesigned Domains card

In your site settings page, under Domains, you’ll find a redesigned Custom Domains card that makes it easier to tell exactly which addresses are assigned to your Netlify site. It also features more useful troubleshooting and documentation for when something is just not right.

Redesigned Custom Domains Card

Getting to know DNS

We know DNS is hard (setting up custom domains is our most visited docs page). The dedicated DNS Zones section is our first step towards making DNS management more powerful, and easier to integrate into your workflow. If you have questions or feedback about these changes, give us a shout on Twitter, Gitter, or through support.

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