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Built on Netlify: deploy a site with Scrivito CMS

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Built on Netlify: deploy a site with Scrivito CMS

There are tons of new tools emerging to support the growth of the JAMstack ecosystem, which makes using a decoupled approach to building websites and applications possible for even more teams and companies. And ultimately, that’s what will help achieve a faster, healthier, and more scalable web.

But one of the challenges that some creators of new microservices, content management systems, and other API-driven building blocks encounter is how to help their end users actually take a project live. That’s where we come in. In the past, we’ve talked about the deploy to Netlify button, which essentially bundles one or more technologies into a single template and builds a live site. It makes easy work of getting started with, say, the open source Netlify CMS.

Now, we’re seeing JAMstack enthusiasts take this to the next level. One such partner, is Scrivito, a cloud-based JavaScript CMS built for digital agencies and medium to large-sized businesses. It offers in-page editing with a WYSIWYG page builder based on React components.

Scrivito uses Netlify's API (together with a new authentication flow for partners) to create a seamless signup flow that gets you started immediately with a Scrivito CMS backend and a Netlify site. There's no complex OAuth2 signup flows or similar distractions.

Once you're well into the flow, you can claim your site on Netlify with one click, giving you access to all the Netlify workflow essentials like continuous deployment, domain management, and HTTPS.

This means content editors can build and deploy new landing pages, add new widgets and create micro sites without much (if any) help from developers. Meanwhile, developers can focus on building their own custom components and Scrivito site plugins that empower anyone who doesn’t write code to get more done. There's nothing special needed to try it. Just head to their site and start the 30 day trial.

One of our big goals at Netlify is provide the glue that makes it possible to work with modern stacks composed of many different services. If we can make set up and orchestration less of a pain, then the path to building modern web projects is much more accessible to everyone. We’re excited about Scrivito’s vision, and we’re working with more partners to simplify deployment in this growing the ecosystem. Stay tuned!

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