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This October: Attend The First-Ever JAMstack_conf

News & Announcements

This October: Attend The First-Ever JAMstack_conf

“Wow,” tweeted David Gawel. “The JAMstack escalated quickly.”

He’s right—what began as set of best practices for deploying web apps directly to a CDN has now spawned an entire ecosystem with new site generators, articles, talks, local user groups, and even a podcast.

Let’s add a full conference to that list.

We are extremely excited to announce JAMstack_conf, happening October 29th–30th 2018 in San Francisco. Netlify has teamed up with GitHub, Contentful, and Gatsby to bring together a full day of presentations, workshops, and discussions centered around the JAMstack and all about creating incredibly performant, secure web projects that don’t require servers or DevOps.

Of course we attend quite a few developer conferences ourselves, but we’re particularly excited about the way this event is coming together for a whole host of reasons:

  • The Speaker Lineup\ We're bringing some great technologists to the stage: Monica Dinculescu from Google Chrome & Polymer. Chris Coyier from CSSTricks. Wes Bos from Plus many more speakers to be announced soon. All are innovators and educators; all are deeply invested in the modern web.

  • The Content\ In a landscape filled with frontend framework conferences, serverless conferences, and even CI/CD conferences, JAMstack uniquely takes a wholistic look at how to assemble the entire widget; how to put these ideas together into real production applications.

  • The perfect size, the perfect venue\ We decided early to cap the event to about 300 people. That means two things: First, it means it will likely sell out, so we advise you to get tickets early. But more importantly, the smaller format means the entire event should be much more intimate and interactive. We want attendees to have real, meaningful conversations with thought leaders, speakers, and fellow practitioners. It all happens right at the JW Marriot, steps away from Union Square.

  • A worldwide hackathon\ If you are as passionate about coding education as we are, you’ll be really excited about a related event we've put together the weekend before the conference. Our friends freeCodeCamp will run both a live onsite JAMstack hackathon and a concurrent worldwide event with remote participants. It’s all being hosted at GitHub’s beautiful San Francisco headquarters. Participation is totally free, though you do have to register.

  • A day for agencies\ The JAMstack approach brings with it speed, security, and an amazing workflow. It’s really win-win for both clients and agencies, but it can take a bit of strategy and conversation to help align clients to concepts that may be unfamiliar. Agency Day is a half-day event to learn effective strategies for when, and how, to explain and sell the JAMstack to your clients. (Agency Day is an add-on you'll want to select as you register.)

  • Great People == Great Conversations\ When you bring passionate technologists together, often the best parts of the conference aren’t on the program schedule. A conference needs spontaneity. We’re creating plenty of room for that with lightning talks, extended lunch discussions, and opening and closing receptions designed for mingling and conversation. (We promise not to blast 90s hits you have to shout over.)

Are you as excited as we are? We hope so! We also have a suspicion the event will sell out, so you’ll want to grab your tickets sooner than later. Come have fun with us! Phil personally guarantees this event will be a blast, or you can have his Twitter handle.

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