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One month after launch, Netlify is Zapier's 3rd most popular new integration

News & Announcements

One month after launch, Netlify is Zapier's 3rd most popular new integration

In November of 2018 we announced the full public launch of the Netlify integration with Zapier. Today, Zapier ranked it the third most popular of all integrations launched in the last year!

Zapier credits Netlify's success to our powerful yet simple workflows to publish and maintain sites. With deployment automation becoming more popular and more standard, we are excited to be leading the movement.

When we released the integration, our goal was to save our customers the sweat of implementing code, webhooks, and API keys when connecting their sites to apps. Our users responded and are building amazing automations with Netlify and Zapier—you always impress us with your ingenuity.

Some of our other friends and services in the Zapier ecosystem are gaining momentum as well:Zapier Top New Apps of 2018

But there's more on the way! We are still rolling out new triggers and actions for Netlify's Zapier integration, so you can create "Zaps" to connect services to Netlify in more ways than ever before. We just released these two new triggers in the Zapier app:

  • New Deploy Started
  • New Deploy Failed

At Netlify we use the deploy failed trigger to send a Slack message when a deploy fails on the production branch. We've previously sent notifications using Netlify's built-in Slack notifications, but Zapier's Filter feature enables us to limit the notifications to production deploys only.

Want to try this on your own site? We made this Zap template to streamline your setup:

a.zap-button {text-shadow: none}

Or, you can set up your own Zapier filters to notify you for the branches you care most about. The options are endless.

To Zapier and our new users of 2018, thank you! And if you haven't checked out our integration yet, it's not too late. Go to the Netlify page on Zapier to learn more!

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