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Get to know Support and Forums teams at Netlify

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Get to know Support and Forums teams at Netlify

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Here at Netlify, we have the joy, every day, of working with a fantastic team of people dedicated to designing and building some of the world's most useful development tools. Together, we go to great lengths to make our products secure, stable, and easy to use – to the extent that most of our customers never need to ask for help! That said, we are equally proud of the team and efforts that go into supporting our customers when they do have questions, or things don't go quite as smoothly as expected – and felt like it was time to give people a little more insight into how we Support at Netlify.

How do I get support when I need it?

Have a problem with our service? Need to ask a question? Here are some tips from us to get the best help you need, when you need it.

1.) Follow NetlifyStatus on Twitter.

If you are on twitter, we recommend you follow @NetlifyStatus to get realtime information on outages or known issues with our service. If we are experiencing problems, we will tweet updates from that account.

2.) Check our status page. If you can't access twitter or don't use it, check our status page if it seems like we might be experiencing problems. Head to, which will always contain the most up-to-date information we have available on any issues with our services or 3rd party integrations we rely, on such as GitHub.

3.) Head to our Forums

If you are trying to fix a problem or get answers to a specific problem you are facing, your best bet is to head to our Support forums, as they are always busy and active – 24 hours a day! Staffed by support engineers and enthusiastic community members, it's very likely that someone else has seen your question before or has an answer for you already. We also have Support Guides – in-depth how-to's that explain our most frequent problems. Check out a list of those Support Guides here, or include the term "Support Guide" when you search the Forums.

If you ask a new question, please provide as much information as possible – see below for tips on how to get the best help. The Support team is active in our Forums, and works with volunteers to ensure even your trickiest questions get responses.

4.) Stop by the Helpdesk

If you are a member of a paid team, you also have the option of heading to the Helpdesk at, where your question will be answered by one of our support engineers. Please ensure that you make your request with the email that is associated with your paid team so your request gets routed correctly.

Who you gonna call? Support at Netlify!

Meet some of the members of Support & Forums teams! When something goes wrong or interference happens, it is very likely you'll get help from will be one of our Support Engineers, or our Forums Staff who will be helping you out. We answer questions for our Starter Tier members in our Support forums, send status updates via the Netlify Support Twitter, and solve problems for customers who are members of paid teams in the Support Helpdesk.

Interacting with the Support team, you'll likely get to know the following core Support team members:

Chris aka "fool" McCraw (He/Him)– Director of Support. A veteran of Support operations at companies such as New Relic, Jama, and more, he is an expert in debugging complex technical issues, and always acting as a champion for our customers. Fool is also known for his self-deprecating humor – hence the nickname ;)\ \ Laura (She/Her)– Support Manager. Laura manages many of the support engineers, and spends a lot of time working on our ongoing projects, as well as resolving sometimes complex billing and payment issues. Laura loves to travel and learn about genealogy!

Perry (He/Him or They/Them)– Support Community Manager. Perry oversees our Support Forums, where our free tier customers can get answers from community members and staff alike. They have a background in both development and technical training, and care a lot about making our forums inclusive and new-user friendly. Perry is a hard-core DIYer who loves the outdoors and spending time with friends.

Hillary (She/Her) - Support Community Manager. Hillary spends a lot of time in the Forums, where she answers so many of your questions! With a background in education and tech, she really values making knowledge accessible. Outside of work, she loves being outdoors and finding the perfect sandwich.

Dennis (He/Him) – Internal tools Developer. Dennis has a proven track record in resolving complex issues for some of our most longstanding clients even before he moved to working on the engineering side of things. Dennis loves music - playing several instruments, and spending time with family.

Scott (He/Him) – Staff Support Engineer. Scott has also devoted much of his working life to support. Previously, he worked within the operational technology sector before serving developers on their quest for a simplified web. At Netlify, he's known for his troubleshooting and sleuthing skills, as well as being the World's Best Dog Dad to puppy Jack.

Luke (He/Him)– Senior Support Engineer. Luke is also a veteran of support – having worked with Chris at New Relic prior to joining Netlify. You can find Luke working with clients of all shapes and sizes, fixing everyone's DNS, and contributing new articles to our Forums.

Audrey (She/Her) - Senior Support Engineer. Audrey assist with Support Projects big and small, and loves getting into the nitty gritty of things. Outside of support work, Audrey loves animals, and wants to someday meet a real live bear! (we hope she's careful)

Mel (He/Him) - Senior Support Engineer. Mel heard about Netlify from Dennis, who he worked with in the past. Once we met Mel we knew he'd fit right in! Mel loves technology, board games, solving problems, and spending time with the fam.

Hrishikesh (He/Him) - Support Engineer. If you spent time in our forums, you've probably been helped by Hrishikesh! The newest member of the Support team, we recruited him from our Netlify Pilots, where he was very active and provided tons of helpful answers. Hrishikesh is also a student, who loves learning as much as possible about all aspects of web development.

Another word about our Forums

We all have something to contribute! Our Forums thrive due to the commitment and participation from everyone. The more people contribute in our forums, the quicker help will be available!

We do know that participating in public can be intimidating to new technologists – we hope you will join in to make this space welcoming to all Netlify fans!

What information do I provide to get the best help?

As much as possible! See this post for a detailed guide – but, in short, when you post in the Forums, please make sure you mention any error messages, provide any build logs, outline anything you have tried to fix the issue, as well as providing your best guess as to what is causing the problem. The less questions community members or staff need to ask to get you help, the better.

I got the help I needed- how can I give back?

Great! Seems like you had the experience you were hoping for. If you fix your own problem, please share your solution for other members. If you have an answer to someone else's problem, please stick around to tell them what they might try! The Forums works best if we all participate.

Of course, we always hope you won't need us – but if you do, know that we are here for you 24x7 with answers, support, and help.

We're Hiring!

Do you enjoy problem solving and helping others? Are you interested in joining a helpful, friendly, tight knit and supportive team? We are currently hiring a Support Engineer to work US West Coast hours!

Learn more about the role and apply here:

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