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Netlify secures Series C funding to push forward our vision for the web

News & Announcements

Netlify secures Series C funding to push forward our vision for the web

We're thrilled to announce a new round of $53 million in Series C funding, led by EQT Ventures, with participation from existing investors Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins, as well as Preston-Werner Ventures. Our team will use this funding to push forward our vision for the web and JAMstack category to greater heights than ever before!

After onboarding 800,000 developers, Netlify raises $53M to further fuel enterprise and ecosystem growth

Our vision for the new web

Five years ago we started Netlify because we saw a massive change happening in the web development space. With the revolution in frontend tooling, a browser that had evolved into a powerful operating system, and the booming API economy, the need for running traditional websites centered around monolithic web servers was no longer there.

We made a big bet on the changing web, with a vision to create a developer friendly platform that made it possible to build websites on this new architecture using simple, git-based workflows. Prebuilt for performance and delivered directly to a global network, the result was faster, leaner, more scalable and secure sites.

In the five years since our launch, the approach we helped define as the JAMstack architecture has quickly grown from a grassroots movement to a category, with a rapidly rising community of developers and commercial ecosystem. And we’re now seeing developer advocates from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Cloudflare and Shopify talking about the category.

We want to thank the more than 800,000 developers and businesses that have already signed onto Netlify, including some of the largest enterprises in the world who trust us with their web infrastructure. Today we estimate more than 8 percent of the internet population visits a Netlify-hosted site each month.

JAMstack ecosystem evolving

It's not just about growth and adoption on the Netlify platform. The JAMstack itself has matured tremendously in the last five years, paving the way for more use cases.

When Netlify launched, the ecosystem was still in its infancy. Headless CMSs still seemed like a relative novelty. React was relatively obscure and Redux had not yet been released. Vue was not yet at 1.0 and the world of site generators mainly consisted of open source blogging tools or in-house projects from a few agencies.

Today, large players like Contentful have cemented headless CMSs in the enterprise, new site generators like Gatsby, Nuxt and Next are opening a new level of flexibility, and startups are emerging to bridge the gap for marketeers and content authors. JAMstack is also disrupting ecommerce with lightning fast checkout flows and shopping cart functionalities.

The emergence of serverless functions has pushed the limits for what a small web team can accomplish without any need for backend developers or operations.

Netlify has always been an agnostic platform, which means we’ll support any site generator, build tool, framework or programming language you choose. Our growth has been compounded by the ecosystem, and it’s one of the reasons we’re seeing so much traction.

What’s next?

We remain focused on our mission to change the web and grow adoption of the JAMstack. The experience and trust we’ve built for developers will always be our north star.

To enable more use cases at scale in 2020, we’re investing in new features catering to our enterprise customers, including more control and better collaboration for larger teams. We look forward to enabling the JAMstack at scale with the services they need as they look to migrate major parts of their web infrastructure to Netlify.

We’ll also continue to grow and build deeper integrations with the JAMstack ecosystem. We’re building new ways to integrate tools and services with Netlify, helping our developers get access to new capabilities and features using familiar workflows.

We couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead. And we couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you for being part of our journey and for believing in our mission.

Here’s to building a better web. The journey is just getting started.

Sincerely,\ Chris & Matt

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