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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Support

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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Support

For anyone of any generation the world over, these are trying times of unprecedented uncertainty. Collectively living through a global pandemic, many of us are trying to understand the scope, impact, and preparation now needed.

Many are using this opportunity to educate others, which can help us be more prepared, identify issues, and work in unison.

Netlify believes this is one of the strongest capabilities of the independent web-- that people the world over can have access to vital information at this time.

To show our support, for the next six months, we’re offering a further extension of our free services to those who are creating sites, apps, and tools that help people understand this virus. This offer includes:

  • Free Pro Team Plan, with unlimited collaborators
  • Unlimited bandwidth and build minutes
  • Free add-ons, such as Analytics, Identity, Forms, Functions, and Large Media

Here are some example sites already built by individuals and community members on our services, should they be helpful:

This includes resources focused on specific regions, in a variety of languages:

If you’re interested in building your own site, we’ve also partnered with Contentful to deliver a customizable template website for Covid-19 news

In order to apply, please fill out this form. To qualify, you must have a site that’s dedicated to sharing information about Coronavirus/COVID-19 and not be a commercial project. Netlify looks forward to supporting these projects and tools on our platform.

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