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June Netlify Newsletter: Top 10 Build Plugins, Brotli compression and more

News & Announcements

June Netlify Newsletter: Top 10 Build Plugins, Brotli compression and more

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It's been nearly a month since we got together at Jamstack Conf Virtual and introduced Netlify Build Plugins. In the June newsletter, you'll find many new resources and updates, including case studies from TunnelBear and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

But first, thank you for making your voices heard to condemn systemic racism and police violence against the Black community. Earlier this month, we asked for your donations to help aid groups that support the Black community, offering to match $25,000 USD. Together we were able to donate a combined $80,000 USD to organizations working to end racism and injustice. This is a small start that will require a much larger and sustained effort, and you can continue to support these organizations here. ​

Top 10 Netlify Build Plugins

​ On May 27, Netlify announced the general availability of Build Plugins, which allow you to customize your build process and automate build tasks with one click from the UI. New Build Plugins are becoming available daily, and you can also create your own Plugins to share with your team or the community.

Check out the 10 most-installed Build Plugins to date for a sampling of functionality you can add to your build process. You can also check out Sentry's blog post detailing their plugin that helps automate release management.

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Gain instant performance boosts as Brotli comes to Netlify Edge

​ We are delighted to announce that assets delivered by Netlify Edge are now automatically compressed with Brotli encoding for even smaller asset sizes and decompression efficiency.

Brotli compression has gained widespread browser support and is particularly effective for text-based files such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS assets. The best news: you don’t need to take any action to start benefitting. Netlify Edge is already encoding and caching suitable assets with Brotli, and delivering correctly compressed assets depending on the requesting browser.

Next.js 101: What you should know

Heard of Next.js but haven't used it? Learn what's so exciting about Next.js and decide if it might be right for your next project in this blog post by Cassidy Williams, which covers a variety of features like routing, API, CLI, and more. ​

Case study: TunnelBear streamlines DevOps and speeds up deploys by 10x with Netlify​

​ TunnelBear is a popular VPN and password management service based in Toronto that lets you take control of your privacy online. Learn how TunnelBear's web engineering team streamlined deploys, delivered faster sites, and a better developer experience with Netlify in this case study.

Getting started: Contributing to open source projects

​ Don't know where to start when contributing to open source? Check out this episode replay of Learn with Jason about how to contribute to open source, featuring Justin E. Samuels. Jason and Justin demonstrate collaborative, open source workflows by picking up open issues, and creating pull requests for ​

Case study: CNCF enables community-sourced ecosystem map with Netlify deploy previews

​ The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) serves as the home for many of the fastest-growing open source projects, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy. Learn about how the CNCF uses Netlify to host its Cloud Native Landscape that maps active and emerging cloud-native technologies. Git-based workflows and deploy previews make it possible! ​

Jamstack Conf Virtual video replay

​ Thank you to the thousands of community members who joined our first global, virtual conference, May 27-28. In case you missed a session or want to watch it again, video recordings are now available. ​

Preview: Netlify Edge Handlers

​ Our CTO David Calavera recently previewed Edge Handlers at Jamstack Conf, which will allow you to run code directly on the edge server to handle things like custom authentication patterns, localization, and personalization. You can learn more about Edge Handlers in the blog post, and sign up to get updates when the beta becomes available. ​

Welcome new Netlify customers!

​ We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the latest companies who trust Netlify with their web infrastructure! Learn more about Netlify's enterprise products.

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