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Announcing Headless Commerce Summit

News & Announcements

Announcing Headless Commerce Summit

Headless Commerce Summit

They say that time is money. That’s why site performance and the ability to iterate quickly are so critical for e-commerce. And because speed is one of the biggest benefits of the Jamstack architecture, e-commerce is often cited as the quintessential use case for a Headless architecture on the Jamstack.

With more businesses going online and competing in the e-commerce marketplace, we want to help you understand the benefits of a headless model, how to architect your Headless Commerce applications on the Jamstack, how to pick the right stack and best practices for implementation.

On September 3, we’re hosting the first-ever Headless Commerce Summit, bringing together top digital agencies, popular e-commerce brands and technology vendors in the Headless Commerce ecosystem to discuss best practices and plot the future of e-commerce.

Headless Commerce Summit is a half-day, virtual event for web development leaders interested in learning about the Jamstack web architecture, including headless e-commerce platforms, headless content management systems, APIs and modern development workflows.

Register for this free online event to secure your spot.

What is headless? Headless is a term for backend services providing data and functionality without controlling the frontend UI. Headless systems communicate with frontends via APIs.

What is Jamstack? Jamstack is a modern web architecture pioneered specifically as a companion to headless backend systems. Jamstack allows teams to develop rich, interactive UIs with modern frameworks and tools.

Some benefits of using a Jamstack architecture include improved site performance and reliability, the ability to iterate faster, and a huge increase in developer productivity using Jamstack workflows.

Join us to learn more about headless + e-commerce + Jamstack

Headless Commerce Summit is the perfect opportunity to learn directly from your agencies and web engineering teams who are running large, production e-commerce sites on the Jamstack.

Whether you’re just learning about headless commerce, you’ve started migrating to a headless architecture, or you're a Jamstack pro, this conference will give you insights and actionable information to make your site and your business move faster.

Hear the stories that can help inspire you to make your e-commerce site headless. Specifically:

  • See why the Jamstack is the best way to go headless
  • Learn about the challenges and best practices directly from web engineering leaders who have successfully implemented a headless architecture
  • Learn how you can implement a headless architecture for your own site, including the best tools for your use case
  • Interact with other e-commerce professionals who are also considering a headless approach


Here is a quick look at what to expect for the half-day event and schedule on September 3, starting at 9 AM PT.

  • Keynote
  • User stories
  • Architecture lightning talks
  • Speaker panel discussion
  • Ecosystem showcase

Complete your early registration for the free event here and save the date. Stay tuned for a more detailed agenda in the coming weeks.

\ Interested in sponsoring the event? Contact us.

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