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Announcing a Remotely Interesting Podcast

News & Announcements

Announcing a Remotely Interesting Podcast

That's right, the team at Netlify has started a new podcast and we're overly excited to share it with you today. Remotely Interesting is a program covering the Jamstack, its ecosystem, surrounding technologies, and the goings-on of the community and its developers.

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Check out our first episode with Cassidy Williams, Divya Tagtachian, Jason Lengstorf, Phil Hawksworth, Sarah Drasner, and Tara Z. Manicsic. We discuss the naming changing choice from JAMstack to Jamstack, which Phil may or may not have been involved in. Then Divya leads us in a future-focused foray digging into the static-first future of the web. Finally, we wrap up the conversation looking at different frameworks, their highlights, and how similar they might be after all.

We can't wait to chat with you about so much more and are always excited to hear what you want to hear! Feel free to shoot us an email or through the Netlify Community to let us know what to cover next or if you'd like to be on the podcast! As always we hope you find us, Remotely Interesting, and stick around for the tidbits, thought things, and joke puns.

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