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Agenda is Now Live for Jamstack Conf Virtual - Join us October 6-7

News & Announcements

Agenda is Now Live for Jamstack Conf Virtual - Join us October 6-7

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Today we announce the agenda and speakers for Jamstack Conf Virtual, happening on October 6-7, 2020!

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In this edition of Jamstack Conf, we’re focusing on how the ecosystem is making full-service Jamstack a reality today, and the vision for the future. At this event, we’ll showcase the capabilities of the Jamstack architecture—way beyond static sites—to powering dynamic applications, personalization at the edge, and more.

Engineers, web architects, technology leaders, and digital agencies who are embracing the next evolution of modern web development architecture should join us at this virtual event. Let’s take a closer look at the Jamstack Conf Virtual October agenda.

Agenda: Tuesday, October 6

The full day on October 6 is free for anyone to attend. Hosted by Phil Hawksworth of Netlify, you’ll see stories on the Jamstack from the American Civil Liberties Union, LiveChat, and more, with ecosystem talks from Applitools, Element 84, Salesforce, and more. The schedule is subject to change, so check the master Jamstack Conf agenda for updates as we get closer to the event.


We look forward to welcoming you at the start of the event (9 AM PT) with a handful of keynotes, from big ideas about the web industry at large, to deeper insights and stories from Jamstack users.

  • Leveraging the Jamstack for Rapid Response Campaigns: Rhonda Friberg and Alison Abreu-Garcia of the American Civil Liberties Union will discuss how the ACLU leveraged the Jamstack to improve developer experience, decrease turnaround time, and deliver impactful digital experiences for rapid response campaigns in defense of our civil rights.
  • State of the Jamstack: The Jamstack has grown to be a major force today because of the underlying simplicity of the architecture. As an ecosystem we have continued to grow and push the boundaries of what’s possible on the web. Matt Biilmann, co-founder and CEO, Netlify, gives us a glimpse into what’s ahead for the Jamstack.


Our double-track talks are not-to-miss stories about building for the web.

  • Digital Experiences and CRM: A Jamstack Love Story: Zach Hawtof, senior product manager, Salesforce, dives into where secure, API-first CRM comes into play to create a perfect duo between highly performant static sites and customer-centric engineering. Whether it’s for partner sales portals, customer help centers, eCommerce storefronts, or content blogging, this talk will explore how to deliver value to customers and partners while maintaining the reality for live CRM and CMS data.
  • In Search of Jamstack Search: Dawid Gawel, web developer, LiveChat, will navigate through different Jamstack search recipes while exploring the boundaries of prerendering (and common sense). You'll learn how to pick the right solution and how to approach dynamic parts of your website in general.
  • Your Tests Lack Vision: Adding Eyes to your Automation Framework: Angie Jones, principal developer advocate, Applitools, will discuss test automation strategies and techniques.
  • Jamstack for the Enterprise: Lars Birkholm Petersen, co-founder, Uniform, will discuss how Klepierre, Europe’s second-biggest publicly traded mall operator, is using Jamstack at scale to manage 98 sites and see increased performance gains and cost savings. This talk will share how Jamstack makes personalization faster and available at scale, and how marketing capabilities can be used on the Jamstack to enable personalization with Netlify, Gatsby and Contentful.
  • Teespring's Journey to Jamstack: Rick Takes of Teespring shares this e-commerce company’s Jamstack story.

Lightning talks

Join us for a superb lineup of speakers for lightning talks:

  • Migrating to Netlify, One Page At a Time: Taylor MacDonald, partner and CTO, Ample, will cover reverse proxies, component-driven design systems and micro front-end architecture.
  • Performance For All: Understanding A Lighthouse Score: Henri Helvetica, freelance developer, will talk about the subtleties of the Lighthouse performance score, understanding the speed metrics and how to parse the remainder of the performance audit to improve page loads and UX.
  • Real Time Satellite Tasking on the Jamstack: Colby Fayock, lead UX and front end engineer, Element 84, will talk about the challenges faced building an application to task satellites managed by Capella Space and how Element 84 tackled them with the Jamstack.
  • Touring Next.js: Cassidy Williams of Netlify dives into everything you need to know about Next.js.

Jamstack Conf Virtual also has a virtual “hallway” track. Throughout the event, you are welcome to meet our sponsors at their virtual booths or meet other attendees by scheduling a chat within the event platform or volunteering to meet a fellow attendee 1-1 for a 3-minute speed chat.

Workshops: Wednesday, October 7

Workshops at Jamstack Conf are available for purchase. Workshops will take place starting at 9 AM PT on October 7. Please only purchase one workshop per person.

Jamstack 101 and Beyond with Netlify

Jason Lengstorf of Netlify will host Jamstack 101 and beyond with Netlify. This workshop will discuss the key benefits of using a Jamstack approach to web architecture. It will explore the core principles and attributes, and look at some examples. It will take a practical tour around some of the features and workflows which Netlify offers to enable these attributes of the Jamstack to your projects.

Getting Started with GatsbyJS

In this workshop, Monica Powell will cover the fundamentals of developing fast, accessible sites with Gatsby, a React framework, and dive deep into the building blocks you’ll need to build your own custom Gatsby sites. This workshop is for JavaScript developers who haven’t had extensive experience with Gatsby and want a deeper understanding of Gatsby.

Building Modern APIs with GraphQL

Eve Porcello of Moon Highway joins us to show how to build modern APIs with GraphQL, providing a way to organize many different data sources and get just the data you want. In this workshop, you create your own GraphQL API with Apollo Server that orchestrates a variety of data sources. You’ll learn to deploy the application and learn best practices for scalable API design that can be applied to any GraphQL project. This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn more about GraphQL as a technology and how it fits into the larger Jamstack ecosystem.

Better Build a Build Plugin

At the last Jamstack Conf we announced Netlify Build Plugins. With this, devs can create custom build functionalities and a one-click install method for any devs and Netlify users to add to their build process. In this workshop, you’ll create Build Plugins of your own. It will cover the tools to customize the build process and touch on the many different possibilities that help automate processes for you and your users.

Jamstack for E-commerce

Jamstack frameworks are changing the way we build top-of-the-line experiences on the web. They are performant, secure and enable developers to build web apps faster than before. In this workshop, Nick DeJesus will walk you through what it's like to build an e-commerce site using Gatsby, use-shopping-cart and theme-ui. You will learn how serverless functions help you make secure transactions and how to build accessible UI components that extend use-shopping-cart's abilities.

Building with Nuxt.js

Join instructor Gift Egwuenu as they cover everything you need to know to build a web application from scratch. We'll start with scaffolding a Nuxt app to learn how to extend the functionalities of our app with Nuxt Modules, while exploring some new features Nuxt.js offers and finally deploying our app.

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Thank you to our Jamstack Conf Virtual sponsors so far: Algolia, Cloudflare, CNCF, Commerce Layer, Elastic Path, Epsagon, Fauna, imgix, Moovweb, Mux, Outsmartly, Prismic, Redwood.js, Strapi, Twilio, and Uniform.

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If your company is interested in getting involved, reach out about becoming a sponsor.

Learn more about the ecosystem event at and watch the talks from the May 2020 event.

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