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Virtual Tech Events & Quarantine Conferences

News & Announcements

Virtual Tech Events & Quarantine Conferences

These days we don't want to be around each other, for health reasons that is ;). So, how do we keep up with the latest technologies and our tech communities? Virtual events to the rescue! In this episode of Remotely Interesting we talk about the things that we found really transitioned well from IRL events to the virtual realm and some things that may not "travel" well.

Admittedly, we have virtual events on our mind because we all have a big part in Jamstack Conf (which happens tomorrow, for free!!). A few of us are putting on virtual workshops, emceeing, and all of us are just super excited about attending! We hope to see you there o(’▽’)/☆゚’!

jamstack conf image

As always, we hope you find us, Remotely Interesting.

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