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A Spooky Adventure at Next.js Conf

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A Spooky Adventure at Next.js Conf

Hello you spooky devs!

This week, Netlify sponsored Next.js Conf and we had a blast talking with folks there and getting to know the Next.js community a little more!

At this event, I gave a talk about a crowdsourced, mad-lib, choose your own adventure story I built with Next.js, XState, Hasura, Netlify Forms, and next-on-netlify!

The "story" side of the app is a state machine that pulls a random character from the database and populates their data to make a "Choose your own Adventure" style story. The other side of the app is character submission, in which folks can send their characters to the story database, and their character may be randomly pulled from the database!

I missed the talk!

Never fear, my powerful warlock! Here's the talk video if you'd like to check it out:

(And here's a link to the slides)

Also, in case you missed it, we released full support for Next.js Preview Mode this week!

I want to build one too!

As you should, my little ghoul!

If you'd like to build off of my existing project, you can check out the repo here or do a one-click deploy here:

Deploy to Netlify

(If you click this button, it will clone this repo to your account, and sets that repo up immediately for deployment on Netlify)

Or, if you'd like to just use my project for reference, here's a link to the repo and a link to the application.

Happy Halloween! 👻

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