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Introducing Jamstack Explorers - Get started and learn with Netlify

News & Announcements

Introducing Jamstack Explorers - Get started and learn with Netlify

Jamstack Explorers by Netlify

Today we announce a few exciting updates for our Netlify community to make it even easier to get involved and learn more about the Jamstack, an architecture that decouples the front and backend and supports new tools and workflows used in modern web development.

First, we welcome you to join us in our new Jamstack Explorers community program, an out-of-this-world learning platform to help you get more expertise in the Jamstack. Each mission is designed to allow you the flexibility to learn at your pace and track your progress. After completing three missions you even receive a certificate 👩🏽‍🎓🎉.

Go to mission control to sign up and get started with your exploration.

Today brings our first phase of the community learning platform and we’re excited for you to get started whether you're new or experienced, learning on your own, or want to invite your team to have a simple and fun way to try out the Jamstack with Netlify.

If you’re an expert in Angular, Next.js, Nuxt.js, or Vue.js, this is a great way to learn about the advantages of the Jamstack architecture.

Maybe you see yourself as a Jamstack aficionado, yet want to dig deeper and expand your skills or brush up on some best practices. There's something for everybody, join the missions to get more advanced in the Jamstack.

We plan to add more missions and we look forward to your feedback as you advance through each checkpoint.

Other ways to get involved with the Netlify community

Netlify Community

There’s more! You can engage with the Netlify community in a variety of ways:

  • Netlify Community Forums: If you aren’t already a member, join our community forums for great interactivity with our team and top community experts. This is our community that’s a great place to seek docs, get help troubleshooting, provide feedback, and more. You can even become a community pilot if you are knowledgeable, contribute back to the forums, are a great communicator, and help foster learning and growth in others.
  • Remotely Interesting Podcast: Hosted by our DX team, this podcast is a conversation about the top topics facing developers today. Listen in to this program covering the Jamstack ecosystem, surrounding technologies, and the goings-on of the community and its developers.
  • Blog, Videos, Events, oh my: Check out a curated collection of blog post tutorials, how-to videos, or find out about where you can engage with us at upcoming events.
  • Netlify Swag Store: If you love using Netlify and supporting the open, independent web, let’s get you Netli-fly! Check out a variety of items designed by our team–from t-shirts to dog bowls–priced at production and fulfillment costs only. To celebrate the launch, today we are giving away a free mascot sticker to the first 100 people that add the sticker pack to their carts and check out using promo code MASCOT. Stay tuned for more ways you can earn free swag by contributing to the Netlify community!

We want to provide you with all that you need to be successful in your web development projects. Aside from joining our Netlify community in all of the ways listed above, we encourage you to also engage with the global Jamstack community via Slack and find local user groups run by the community at

Happy coding, explorers 👩🏻‍💻!

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