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Do You Have to Have Passion to Be a Good Coder

Opinions & Insights

Do You Have to Have Passion to Be a Good Coder

In the wise words of Jason Lengstorf:

oh, I need passion? more like “no thanks I’ll be passion on this opportunity”

— Jason Lengstorf (@jlengstorf) July 15, 2020

We have seen many people claim that in order to be a good developer you have to be passionate about coding. Some have even gone far enough to say that unless you are coding during work hours, after hours, and on the weekends you can't excel at coding. Although some of us enjoy doing this we don't think it's necessary. For instance, Sarah likes to take time away from coding so she can virtually high-five strangers while riding her Peloton.

We cover many related topics on the perils and positives of passionate coding. How it's great to be passionate about coding and it's also great to be passionate about a variety of things including coding. We even talk about money (🤭 such taboo!) and how that can weigh into becoming a developer and affect other passion projects we may have.

episode 3 image

Are other industries under the same kind of passion scrutiny? Is peer pressure to be passionate occurring more with younger generations? Have you driven a forklift?? All important questions, obvioulsy, and we try to delve into all of them. We hope you can tune in and, as always, we hope you find this podcast: Remotely Interesting.

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