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By Tara Z. Manicsic in News & Announcements

Jamstack to Your Ears: The Jamstack Book Now in Audiobook Format!

Sometimes reading things is hard. Well, give your eyes a rest and your ears a treat (hopefully) by checking out the audiobook version of the Modern Web Development on the Jamstack book for free. You can choose between M4B and MP3 formats plus download the PDF accompaniment for all the images and code examples I wisely decided not to read aloud (you’re welcome).

screenshot of the Jamstack book page download options

This book is filled with great history, information, and examples that help really wrap your mind around the concept of the Jamstack architecture. I found myself recommending it to so many people while knowing it’s so hard to find time to sit down and read. I looked at my mic setup as I was sending an email to the talented sound guru, Chris Enns of Lemon Productions, and realized I had all the tools I needed to make an audiobook (not that Chris is a tool, far from it).

So there you have it, the origin story of the audiobook. And here you CAN have it the actual audiobook! Hope you are as inspired to build the modern web as I was the first (and 30th) time I read this book. Happy coding 👩🏻‍💻