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By Tara Z. Manicsic in News & Announcements

The Jamstack Explorers Learning Platform: A Delirious Podcast Retro

Have you heard? We have a free learning platform, Jamstack Explorers! We are busy making more missions and content about the tech we used to create it but we also talked into microphones about it.

Pumped on the excitement that comes with a release of a project we couldn’t wait to get out, we stayed up super late on Zoom and Slack, then woke up early to prep for release. After all our energy was spent and we were no longer making sense we thought, “What better do thing than podcast record now?!”

So, here we are on our Remotely Interesting podcast discussing the tech, the workflow, and all the other things surrounding the creation of Jamstack Explorers. We actually learned a ton while working on this project. We were excited to have a place to share that knowledge with you.

episode image jamstack explorers the guts

Hope you enjoy and, as always, we hope you find this podcast remotely interesting.