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By Phil Hawksworth in Guides & Tutorials

Learn how Netlify Redirects give you control over CDN-level routing

Jamstack Explorers, our video-based learning resource, now has a mission to help you get the most out of Netlify Redirects.

Netlify Redirects give developers the power to control routing logic on Netlify Edge from within the code and configuration of their sites.

Since Jamstack sites can be served without the need for web servers or application servers that could also house URL redirects and routing configuration, this logic can be transferred out to the CDN. This means that the site will be served from a location closer to the users, which often results in greater efficiencies and performance. And better still, since Jamstack sites can be immutable and atomic, these configurations can be versioned along with the rest of your site’s code, so that the behavior of the traffic routing on the CDN is always in step with each iteration of your sites.

You can dive right in to this free course on Jamstack explorers to learn about:

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