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Linkable log lines now available!

News & Announcements

Linkable log lines now available!

Wow! I loved Lincoln Logs when I was a kid! It was so fun to be able to build houses, or even castles, and get so creative with them, and the— wait, there's a typo in my notes... ohhhhh, not Lincoln Logs, it's linking logs!

Well, you know, this is just as fun. We have some very cool changes just released in your deploy logs at Netlify!

Your deploy logs include all kinds of important info, like details about your site's build image, the Netlify build process, dependency caching, build plugins, and details about if your deploy succeeded or not. And sometimes, you're going to want to share some of that information, just like you might share your Lincoln Logs with your friends!

Linkable log lines!

When you go to your logs, you can now select the line number to highlight the line, or hit Shift and select a range of lines, and you can share the resulting URL with your teammates. Wow, that was so easy, almost as easy as... Lincoln Logs. 👀

If you'd like to read more about how to use this feature, check out the docs and get to it!

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