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How Netlify Supports Our Jamstack Partners

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How Netlify Supports Our Jamstack Partners

The Jamstack has seen massive growth since 2015, as more companies and developers migrate to the modern web. Jamstack is about assembling the best solution for your team. And while Netlify is where those solutions are assembled, we’d be nowhere without the technology partners, web development agencies, and Jamstack advocates who we get to work with on a daily basis.

We're grateful for tech partners who have built against our API and authored integrations through build plugins, and for the thousands of companies who have participated in Jamstack Conf over the years. Last summer, the Jamstack reached a huge milestone: over 1 million developers on Netlify.

Jamstack Timeline

In an effort to even better collaborate with other companies working on Jamstack technologies, we launched our Technology Partner Program in December 2020 and we’re now working with dozens of technology vendors on joint projects.

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Today the partner programs have two components:

  • Agency Partners: These partners, like AKQA and Bejamas, are agencies or consultancies advocating for the Jamstack. They’re experts in decoupled web projects, reducing time to market, and building Jamstack sites.
  • Technology Partners: These partners, like Algolia and Contentful, are our ecosystem software vendors. They help extend Netlify’s platform capabilities and accelerate adoption of joint solutions.

Netlify has a lot in common with our agency and technology partners: when the Jamstack grows, we all succeed. We provide support to our partners by pitching in on their sales calls, amplifying their brand, inviting them to participate in Netlify events, and sharing resources and best practices.

We just kicked off our first ever quarterly Partner Day--a celebration of our Netlify Partners and informational session about our roadmap and shared success stories. At the event, we offered partners:

  • A sneak peek of our Essential Next.js plugin (now with auto-install)
  • A peek into the Netlify product roadmap
  • A migration story from our agency partner AKQA about customer Guide Dogs
  • An update on new resources added for partners

We also recognized some of the people and agencies who consistently go above and beyond. We’d like to call out agencies S’nce Group and Bejamas as well as individual contributors Tony Stimpfel at Sanity, Zach Ettleman at Contentful, and Jessica Parsons of Netlify for all their innovative work and dedication. We’re really excited to keep building out this program, and look forward to hosting this event each quarter for our partners. Helping build on (or with) the Jamstack? Join our partner program! Our next kickoff will be July 20, 2021.

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