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Learning Is So Rewarding, Literally

News & Announcements

Learning Is So Rewarding, Literally

We are so very excited to announce that you can now be rewarded for learning, literally. Now, when you complete a mission with Jamstack Explorers we give you a pack of JAMazing stickers (ok, JAMazing isn't a real word, but I couldn't help it). Let me show you how.

When you complete a mission, head back to your dashboard and there will be a new message in the 'Achievement and Rewards Section'.

a screenshot of the achievements and rewards section

Copy your reward code and click the link to see 'these stickers' and add them to your cart.

a screenshot of the sticker pack product screen

Feel free to browse the super sweet Swag Store or just head straight to checkout and apply the reward code that lets everyone know what a smart cookie you are 😘.

a screenshot of the checkout page with the discount code

That's it! Not only do you get some jamming Jamstack knowledge, you also get STICKERS! Who knew life could be so good? Now all you need (get?) to do is check out one of the magical missions from Jamstack Explorers. Here are a few of the ones we're excited about:

Find the whole list of missions here. Happy Coding πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»!

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