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Try the Essential Gatsby plugin—now with auto-install

News & Announcements

Try the Essential Gatsby plugin—now with auto-install

The Essential Gatsby plugin is available today in General Availability with in-app auto-detection!

Now, when you deploy a new Gatsby project, Netlify will auto-detect your framework and install the Essential Gatsby plugin so everything will work “out of the box” with zero configuration.

This saves you a round trip to the build plugins library, and enables features like:

  • Gatsby Functions
  • Incremental Builds, and
  • Image Caching

Gatsby continues to be one of the most popular frameworks for Jamstack developers, and we’re excited to make running Gatsby on Netlify even easier for developers!

How to get started

Create a "New site from Git" and let Netlify do the rest!

Screenshot of Netlify app reads: Seems like this is a Gatsby site. To enable key features of Gatsby on Netlify, we'll automatically install the Essential Gatsby Build Plugin.

The only catch is: if you’ve been using the old Gatsby cache plugin you should uninstall it, as it’s now officially deprecated. All of the goodness from that plugin has now been rolled into the new Essential Gatsby plugin—along with new support for Gatsby Functions.

Learn more

If you want to learn more or get involved, you can:

Or, deploy a Gatsby starter template in 1 minute! Click the button below to deploy a starter blog and get started today.

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