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Jamstack Conf 2021 Speaker Lineup

News & Announcements

Jamstack Conf 2021 Speaker Lineup

This year’s Jamstack Conf is more than just a Zoom stage and some breakout rooms: it’s a full-blown house party. We’re gathering the whole Jamstack community under one (virtual) roof, and to celebrate how far we’ve come. Our party theme is Jamstack: How it started, how it’s going. Along the way, we’ll explore how far the ecosystem and community has come in the last 5+ years, and why it’s such a fun time to be a frontend developer!

Jamstack Conf 2021

Today, we’re sharing the agenda, so you can get a sneak preview of what—and who—to expect at Jamstack Conf on October 6 and 7:

  • A full-day track of Learn With Jason with guests Kelly Vaughn, Nathaniel Okenwa, Bryan Robinson and Ben Vinegar
  • Presenting of the 2021 Jammies Awards
  • Product and feature launches from Astro, Supabase, and Sanity
  • 2021 State of the Jamstack Survey results
  • Live demos
  • Wig changes
  • Surprise guests
  • Memes

Paid hands-on workshops take place October 7th.

Plus, community talks, and more!

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Jamstack is for e-Commerce at Any Size

Presenters: Justin Metros and Nicole Bender, Universal Standard

With physical stores closed by the pandemic, Universal Standard, the most size-inclusive apparel company, migrated to the Jamstack on Shopify with Nuxt.js. This talk covers the impact of the pandemic, the signs they outgrew the monolith, the tools chosen, their incremental migration process, and the hybrid Jamstack approach that blended the best of dynamic data with static pages. The new Jamstack site lifted mobile conversion rate by 200%, improved team velocity, and saved the day.

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Inside the Twilio Console: A Large Scale Migration to Jamstack

Presenter: Harrison Harnisch, Twilio

Twilio’s sustained growth over the last decade has led to several architectural iterations of the Twilio Console. With each iteration, comes changes to handle the biggest problems of the time. The next generation of the Twilio Console is no exception!

In this talk, we’ll walk through why and how we went about migrating from the legacy Console to the new Console experience safely (spoiler, iframes were involved) and the impact this has had on our customers and the organization.

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Optimizing Gatsby Build Performance with Observability

Presenters: Aisha Blake and Daniel Kim, New Relic

Using Gatsby to deliver large websites can speed up end users’ experiences. However, as those projects scale, many development teams are slowed down by long build times.

What if we could give developers more (easily accessible) visibility into the build process? Learn how the New Relic team built a plugin that provides instant observability into the entire Gatsby build process, exporting vital telemetry data from within the belly of the beast. With events, metrics, logs, and traces, we are able to contextualize and identify performance issues within our plugins, 3rd party APIs, and other parts of our website.

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Speeding up Singapore’s COVID-19 response with the Jamstack

Presenter: Kwa Jie Hao, Software Engineer at Open Government Products

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfurled, governments scrambled to communicate their policy responses to their citizens and businesses through new COVID-19 response websites. In this mission-critical environment, the Singapore government used their Jamstack solution, Isomer, to reduce the time spent on creating new websites from weeks or months to days. Learn more about how Isomer leverages the Jamstack to power an increasing number of websites for the Singapore government.

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WordPress at the Edge with Next.js and the Jamstack

Presenter: Colby Fayock, Applitools

When thinking about modern, performant web apps, WordPress isn’t typically the first platform to come to mind. But as content management systems are concerned, WordPress is still king due to its long history and well-crafted UX. Can we break WordPress out of its serverful shell and use newer tech to deliver a fast and highly scalable web app? We’ll talk about how we can use WPGraphQL and Next.js to catch WordPress up with the modern web and build great experiences on the Jamstack.

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The next generation of Jamstack performance is… less JS!

Presenter: Yang Zhang, Plasmic

With Google's ranking algorithm rolling out Core Web Vitals and page performance mattering more than ever, there has been a resurgence of activity in new frameworks (and features for existing frameworks) focused on delivering maximum performance. In this talk, Yang Zhang will examine what limits modern frameworks, how the next wave of approaches work, and what this all means for the future of Jamstack.

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How migrating my tool to Jamstack made me a better open source denizen

Presenter: Moriel Schottlender, Wikimedia Foundation

Come learn how migrating from hackathon-php to Jamstack architecture empowered Moriel, a principal systems architect at Wikimedia, to decouple the behavior and create a microservice that utilizes a generalized npm package that makes the tool more maintainable, easily upgraded, and available for others to use in other contexts.

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“Synthless” Jams With Your Friends

Presenter: Phil Miller, Daily

Let’s put the “jam” in Jamstack by remotely controlling some hardware synthesizers using WebRTC and Web MIDI. With just a Vue front-end deployed on Netlify and a single-third party API (daily-js), we'll create a live interactive demo that allows people to collaboratively create music. It demonstrates the power of modern browser APIs, specifically WebRTC and Web MIDI.

With just these tools, we can create a multi-user, real-time, collaborative experience.

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Security is the “s” in Jamstack

Presenter: Maricris Bonzo, Magic

If you’re an Indie or Freelance developer who wants to learn the four different ways a Jamstack app can be secured with auth, this talk is for you. By the end of the talk, you’ll know which is the best way to protect your users’ information based on your needs, resources and values.

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Low code serverless functions with WebAssembly-powered DSLs

Presenter: Michael Yuan, Founder of WasmEdge Runtime

Serverless functions are the "A" in JAMstack. However, traditional serverless functions from public clouds have poor performance, limited language and framework selections, and are generally not well suited for complex tasks such as AI inference. In this talk, Michael Yuan will present a new type of serverless functions, based on WebAssembly, that supports Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) specifically designed for application tasks. The WebAssembly functions are low code, very fast, and can be deployed on edge network nodes.

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CSS-TRICKZ - Bad Ideas, and Efficient Ways to Build Them

Presenter: Alex Riviere, Mural

This talk is about and how it went from being a static page with a jsonp callback to a serverless function, to a serverless function that gets cached. Also, lots of bad font choices, loud colors, Netlify on-demand Builders, and lots of mayhem.

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The 11ty, web component and JAM sandwich: a recipe for making the static interactive

Presenter: Ben Holmes, Peloton

In this 10 minute talk, Peloton engineer Ben Holmes shares his favorite Jamstack recipe: a stack with 11ty, React and web components, and as much interactivity as you’d like.

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Jamstack Conf is free on October 6! We’ve also got ticketed workshops the following day with limited seats available. Can’t make the workshops on October 7? There’s plenty of free live Learn with Jason tutorial sessions on October 6, Building with Shopify, Building with a Database, Building with Twilio, and Building with Algolia.

See you at Jamstack Conf!

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