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Meet the Jammies 2021 Finalists

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Meet the Jammies 2021 Finalists

You already know that it's that time of the year again where we recognize and reward individuals, companies, projects and initiatives that are pushing forward the modern web and Jamstack ecosystem.

This year we've chosen to do this across 6 different categories to reach even more people who are doing incredible work in the Jamstack community.

Voting closes on October 1, 2021. This gives you approximately 4 more days to vote for your favourites before voting ends.

Categories and Finalists

The categories and finalists for the 2021 Jammies Awards are:

Social Impact

The finalists in this category are nominated to be awarded for utilizing Jamstack technologies for the delivery of valuable and important resources, in service of the community and for the betterment of society.

They are:

Community Creator

If you've ever wanted to recognize or show appreciation to any of these finalists for creating outstanding Jamstack content for the community, this is your chance. They are all doing incredible work in the community and we can't wait to reward them for it. The finalists are:

Ecosystem Innovation Award

In this category, we want to award the finalists for extending the power and reach of the Jamstack ecosystem, with an outstanding service that empowers developers and drives innovation. The finalists who were nominated for this category are:

Outstanding Community Meetup

In recognition of an active and popular Jamstack meetup, which unites developers, champions new technologies and techniques, and creates a safe, welcoming, and constructive forum for all. Our finalists in this category are:

Jamstack Project Of The Year

For outstanding achievement in delivering best-in-class experiences to users through innovative use of technologies across the Jamstack and its ecosystem. There were amazing nominations in this category but the eventual finalists are:

You will agree with me that these are very interesting projects that are pushing the boundaries of the web with modern tools and technologies. If you have a winner in mind, vote for them now.

Jamstack Agency Of The Year

In recognition of a firm that delivers excellent digital experiences for clients, with an emphasis on education and delivery of Jamstack solutions. The finalists are:

If you've worked with any of these agencies to bring your Jamstack projects to life, this is your opportunity to reward them for it.

Vote for your winner

Next steps

Annnnnnnnnnnd the winner is.............. Register for JamstackConf 2021 to find out, see you all on the big stage.

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