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Jammies Award Winners 2021

News & Announcements

Jammies Award Winners 2021

For the second year in a row, we received so many excellent nominations for the Jammies awards, which recognize people and initiatives that are pushing forward the modern web. Thank you to everyone in the community who nominated fellow Jamstackers and who voted for the projects and creators building for the web. Today, at Jamstack Conf, we announced the finalists and winners across all six categories.

And the winners are…

Social Impact Award: the a11y project

We’ve seen the Jamstack community step up to support many causes, from health crises to social justice and more. This award recognizes a project or team who helped deliver valuable and important resources in service of the community, and for the betterment of society.

This year, the Social Impact Jammie goes to the a11y project. The a11y Project is a community-driven effort to make digital accessibility easier. Their open sourced Eleventy site provides a wealth of resources, from books to podcasts to a step-by-step checklist, to make the web more accessible.

Other finalists:

Jamstack Project of the Year: The Twilio Console

Earlier this year, Twilio migrated their legacy Console in search of an improved developer experience utilizing Jamstack architecture for their frontend platform. The new Console follows the Jamstack architecture and pulls the UI into a frontend monolithic repo. The navigation components (sidebar and masthead) are loaded from static assets from the CDN and allow customers to navigate between products. Not only did the migration lead to faster page load times, but it also means the Twilio team can make more frequent updates since the new approach decreases development time and streamlines deployments for engineering teams.

Other finalists:

Jamstack Community Creator Award: Salma Alam-Naylor

This award is for creating outstanding Jamstack content for the community. It could go to a learning platform, team, or to an individual content creator.

This year’s winner is Salma Alam-Naylor. Salma, popularly known as WhiteP4nth3r, is a streamer on Twitch and creator of many helpful projects. Over the past year, she has worked with the community, on-stream and off, to create websites and enact movements that are working to target the severe diversity problems and deep-rooted toxicity of tech and the internet.

Other finalists:

Ecosystem Innovation Award: Astro

This award is for extending the power and reach of the Jamstack ecosystem, with an outstanding service that empowers developers and drives innovation.

This year’s ecosystem innovation award goes to Astro, an innovative Jamstack platform that lets you build faster websites with less client-side JavaScript. They make it possible for developers to build fully functional sites with any framework of their choice or none at all. Astro offers the best of both worlds when it comes to lightweight static sites generators like 11ty and bundle-heavy alternatives like Next and Svelte Kit.

Honourable mentions:

This category was the most interesting voting experience for us. 11ty and Astro had a close call all through the voting process up until the last minute when Astro won the race with 3 extra votes. We recognize 11ty’s impact and all the amazing things it is enabling on the modern web.

Other finalists:

Outstanding Community Meetup: The 11ty Meetup

This award is in recognition of an active and popular Jamstack meetup, which unites developers, champions new technologies and techniques, and creates a safe, welcoming, and constructive forum for all.

Today, this year’s award went to The 11ty Meetup! The 11ty meetup group is a virtual meetup about Eleventy and the tools and skills that support developing on Eleventy. Oh, and they're welcoming to everyone so feel free to join this group if you're looking for more Jamstack communities to participate in.

Other finalists:

Jamstack Agency of the Year: Bejamas

This award is in recognition of a firm that delivers excellent digital experiences for clients, with an emphasis on education and delivery of Jamstack solutions. This year’s award goes to Jamstack specialists Bejamas!

Bejamas is recognized as the Jamstack focused agency working exclusively with Jamstack technologies for clients ranging from individuals to top 100 YC companies. Amongst other things, Bejamas has an amazing newsletter, blog, Jamstack meetup, and a discovery hub where they are constantly sharing knowledge and resources to help more people in the Jamstack community.

Other finalists:

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees--let’s keep building for the web, together!

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