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Jamstack Conf 2021 Instant Replay

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Jamstack Conf 2021 Instant Replay

And that’s a wrap on Jamstack Conf 2021! This was our community’s biggest virtual event to date and there are so many people to thank for bringing it to you, from all of our speakers and sponsors to hosts and lightning launch presenters, and more.

If you tried to join yesterday's event at the start, you likely experienced low-quality audio and video. We lost power and network connectivity on set due to a wrestling match between a bird and a transformer. Thanks to all who helped us ⚡ power⚡ through and make the event a success once we got the power back on!

I want my Jamstack TV!

Missed a talk? Want to review something? Good news, you don’t have to wait for a rerun. We’ve got all the Jamstack Conf videos available for you over on Jamstack TV, our community YouTube channel.

And the Jammies go to…

The Jammies Awards recognize individuals, companies, projects and initiatives that are pushing forward the modern web and Jamstack ecosystem. This year, we added new categories to celebrate our ever-growing community for all their accomplishments.

Congrats to our winners in all categories!

Jamstack Community News

Thank you to all the event sponsors! It was also a big day for the Jamstack community to make announcements, product launches, and more. Here’s what we heard from the community:

CloudCannon Introduces Bookshop

Introducing Bookshop: an open-source framework to speed up development and reduce maintenance on static websites by developing components in isolation. Bookshop is a component browser and playground, bringing component-driven development to static site generators.

Learn More →

Magic Launches SMS Login

Magic, the fastest-growing startup in the identity space, launches SMS login to further empower developers to plug and play passwordless auth into their apps. Powered by blockchain-based cryptography, Magic is building the infrastructure to end password-based authentication and logins through future-proof, decentralized identity management.

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Uniform Brings Composable DXP to Platform

Uniform announced the availability of the world's first composable digital experience platform (DXP) that enables brands to deliver fast, engaging, personalized omnichannel digital experiences. Available today, Uniform offers marketers, merchandisers, and developers a vendor-agnostic, composable DXP that allows customers to choose their own technology stack.

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Jamstack Community Survey 2021 results are now available

We asked, you answered! This year’s survey shows Jamstack is rapidly becoming the mainstream architecture for web developers of every experience level. Highlights:

  • Jamstack is the go-to architecture for new developers — Jamstack is quickly becoming the primary home for not only experienced web developers, but also those with less experience, including students.
  • Location agnostic — Remote work has become particularly high among Jamstack developers, with nearly a third (31%) of people saying their working life is now fully remote due to the global pandemic - and plan to stay that way. Where developers are located has also diversified, with newer developers proving to be significantly more geographically diverse.
  • Jamstackers are building for scale — Nearly a third (32%) of Jamstack developers report the sites they build are for audiences of millions of users.
  • Security is top of mind — Jamstack developers are taking security more seriously than a year ago, with an overwhelming majority prioritizing security over speed of development.
  • Popular tools and frameworks include React, TypeScript, Figma and more. Plus, a next generation of frameworks is on the rise with 11ty and Svelte.

See the full results

Sanity Introduces GROQ-powered Webhooks

In a lightning launch, Sanity introduced GROQ-powered Webhooks, an upgraded webhooks system that harnesses the power of its GROQ query language to provide fine-grained triggers and customizable payloads. It’s the most powerful webhooks implementation in the content space.

Learn more or watch the demo

PostgreSQL functions are now available in the Supabase Dashboard

Supabase (The Open Source Firebase Alternative) is further expanding the tooling that integrates with their hosted PostgreSQL backend. The latest addition is an easy to use interface for PostgreSQL functions which can now be written, deployed, and managed from the Supabase Dashboard.

Learn more or watch the demo

Astro 0.21 Preview

The Skypack team shared an Astro 0.21 release preview. Astro’s newest launch provides even faster development with a new runtime backed by Vite. In the example given at Jamstack Conf, the results on v0.21 are almost 3x faster cached, and 20x faster uncached.

Also new to v 0.21, Astro is now WASM powered! New compiler is written in Go, which makes it run-time agnostic--it can run in the browser, and in the future, anything that runs WASM. It powers new features, like the ability to pass variables into styles and scripts, render whitespace, and streaming HTML mode.

Learn more or watch the demo

Thanks to all who came to yesterday's conference! Looking for more Jamstack chatter? Come join us over in Jamslack for conversation, Q&As, job listings, and more.

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