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The Tracks and the Talks of Jamstack Conf 2021

News & Announcements

The Tracks and the Talks of Jamstack Conf 2021

Jamstack Conf was a huge, fun event full of launches, updates, and great knowledge sharing!

During the event we had a bit of a power issue but we made it through and can totally laugh about it now, right? Right, yeah, totally.

The tracks

The two main tracks of the conference were "Jamstack Now & Next" and "Integrations & Tooling"!

The talks throughout "Jamstack Now & Next" were about exploring real-world executions and innovative techniques on the Jamstack to learn from their approaches and results, and also looking at emerging trends and developments.

The talks in the "Integrations & Tooling" track were all about tools and techniques from around the ecosystem, and how they can come together for amazing results.

We were supposed to have a "Learn with Jason" live track, but unfortunately the power had other plans. You can still catch his track on October 25th and 27th, and watch Jason and several guests build a swag site with Shopify, Fauna, Algolia, Twilio, and Sentry!

The talks

You can watch all the videos from each track over on Jamstack TV, our community YouTube channel!

What now?

We loved getting to hang out with everyone, and the party continues! Come join us over in Jamslack for conversation, Q&As, job listings, and more.

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