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Preview what’s new with Next.js on Netlify

News & Announcements

Preview what’s new with Next.js on Netlify

Next.js works out of the box on Netlify with zero configuration. Behind the scenes, this native support for Next.js is powered by a build system that automatically detects the framework you’re using and installs an essential plugin with all the bespoke settings specific to your framework of choice.

One of the benefits of managing native support for Next.js with a plugin system is added control and visibility for developers. Any developer who wants to get a jump on the next release can optionally install beta versions of the plugin, to preview and test new functionality before it’s ready to roll out to 100% of Next.js projects on Netlify.

Today we’re excited to share that a new version of the Essential Next.js plugin is available in beta! Here’s what to look for in this new release:

  • New support for Next.js routes, redirects, and headers—including regex
  • Improved support for monorepos
  • Improved support for custom project types, like Nx, and
  • Support for the latest version of On-demand Builders with persistent rendering, so you can achieve super fast build times and faster page load speeds without ever showing stale content to site visitors

Beyond these new features, the upcoming version of the Essential Next.js plugin is also less resource-intensive overall, using fewer functions.

Test the latest version of Next.js on Netlify today

To install the latest version of the plugin, visit the README and follow along with the instructions. It’s only three steps to get started.

Check it out on a staging environment or side project, and join the discussion about the beta on GitHub!

We look forward to receiving your feedback and getting this latest version into tip-top shape so it can roll out to the entire community of developers building with Next.js on Netlify.

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