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A look at 2021 with Your Year on Netlify

News & Announcements

A look at 2021 with Your Year on Netlify

Your Year on Netlify

The year is almost over. Can you even believe it?

Sure, the last two years have made us all question what even is a year? Time may be a construct but dangit we still want to celebrate the things you’ve accomplished.

You may not even realize how much you’ve done in 2021, so we put together a site just for you. It’s called Your Year on Netlify and it showcases your cumulative stats for the year—including how many builds you made, how many times you deployed on Friday, and more.

It’s amazing to see all of your work added up. Small actions build toward big results.

And if you haven’t been that active this year, no sweat! We’ve included some collective Netlify stats and encourage you to explore the site (we think it’s still pretty fun).

Check out Your Year on Netlify to get started!

We are incredibly grateful you choose to build on Netlify. Our mission of building a better web is only possible with developers like you.

Cheers to 2022!

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