News & Announcements

Announcing the new Jamstack community Discord (now retired)

News & Announcements

Announcing the new Jamstack community Discord (now retired)

Hey Jamstackers!

I've got some really exciting news to share about the beginnings for the future of the Jamstack community!

Before diving in, let me introduce myself. My name's Domitrius Clark. I'm a career transitioner and bootcamp graduate. I've been in tech for the last 5 years filling roles in UI & DX Engineering. In that time, I've spent most of it building and empowering tech communities to make the better & safer decisions for their community. I founded Reactadelphia, which was a hybrid monthly meetup that met in Philadelphia (up until the pandemic) and have worked with a few companies to establish their communities spaces for events and internally.

I recently joined the Netlify team to lead the effort supporting and enabling the Jamstack community as the new Jamstack Community Engineer. One of my main focuses since joining has been to create a stable base for the Jamstack community to grow from. It's important that our community's home is a great place for new and experienced learners, is diverse and safe for anyone to join, and establishes a space for growth and communication around the ecosystem. Over the last few years, a vibrant community has assembled in the Jamstack Slack and it has served us well. As the community has grown, we've started to reach the limits of what Slack can offer for a large, open community and we want to ensure that we deliver the best kind of experience for Jamstack community members new and old.

To make this happen, we've decided to create and launch the new Jamstack Discord!!

Discord unlocks many necessary features for our community including my top faves:

  • An advanced moderation toolset with the capability to empower our community members to help keep our community safe and accessible for everyone
  • Video sharing and voice channels for all kinds of fun activities
  • Scheduled events in platform for our community to engage and grow together as Jamstack Engineers

We want this Discord to serve as a place for others to connect and grow, while also uplifting community projects, events, and other communities within our ecosystem. Helping those with OSS projects and those new to OSS getting up and running. All around, the new Jamstack community is only made better when the community itself feels heard. We're going to work to make this a reality with different roles and responsibilities inside of our server alongside monthly open town halls.

If you're new to Discord or aren't too sure what types of things you can do with Discord, we've put together a #discord-tips channel that will be a growing list of ways to use Discord to the fullest.

Excited? Us too! Head over to the now live Discord, check out all of our channels in the onboarding category, and finally introduce yourself in the new #intros channel and join the fun!

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